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03 June 2007 @ 10:45 pm
I've spent today doing absolutely nothing of use. more on this topicCollapse )

I've also been writing intermittently, so I now have a jumbled folder of half-finished stories and letters to various people. I think my favorite of the bunch starts with, "I thank you." The only one that's giving me fits is saved as "plz be over thx.txt", which, of course, pretty much summarizes how I feel about that particular story at the moment. Gah. However, I've discovered the crack that is writing "Things that Never Happened" fics, and have since created extensive lists for a rather alarming number of characters from all sorts of universes, so I'll probably be content for a good long while just generating random deviations from canon.

* A major bit of blasphemy here: AniTV? Is seriously not that bad. There are certain aspects of it that just suck, but I actually really like the overall sense of the story that the episodes conveyed.
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03 June 2007 @ 12:49 am
I just got back from California, I have Chinese food and ice cream, and I got confirmation that I didn't fail any classes. Therefore, you get stories.

They have *trolleys*!Collapse )

It's so weird to be back in Madison now, hum-dum, life as usual. I might even have to go to work on Monday - I forget if I asked for it off. Man. I've got a pile of Zoo stuff (I totally fell in love), a tan that is now completely out of place, and a suitcase of dirty clothes to wash, but other than that...wow. I was bobbing around in the biggest body of water on this planet a couple of days ago, and now it's back to work and school and everything.

But first, I'm goin' to bed. (Or maybe I'll catch up on LJ. The drama can certainly build up, can't it?)
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In my history class today, the professor was talking about plastic surgery.

I hate that everyone makes a joke out of plastic surgery, I really do. I mean, okay, maybe there is someone, somewhere who just does it for the sake of getting it done. Maybe. Maybe they just decide one day, oh, wouldn't it be nice to be anesthetized so I can be cut open and re-formed! I can spend months healing, maybe have weird scars, have to deal with huge medical bills...sounds fun to me, let's go! It's a possibility, I guess. But for most people, I'm betting, the decision is a little bit more thought out. And that he insisted upon giggling over the idea of people who just decide they want bigger breasts calling up their plastic surgeon and arranging an appointment really friggin' irritated me.

I ramble, I ramble, I ramble. And then I decide I need a Footnote.Collapse )

So, yeah, once again: Fuck off, Tom, and I hope one of your essay questions ends up being about plastic surgery, just so I can properly pound it into your head that snickering about transvestites for the better part of an hour in lieu of intelligent coursework is just Not Cool.
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30 April 2007 @ 01:14 pm
I've read a business book.

Well, no. I've read two business books. But the first doesn't count because the guy who wrote it is completely hilarious and says stuff like, "Face it: all of this is your own goddamned fault." The second, on the other hand, was written by David Allen.

I has a listCollapse )
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27 April 2007 @ 05:33 pm
Carer-of-Mice wrote back in a positive manner, which is cool. It's been a bit since I e-mailed him, but, heck, I'm not one to throw stones about a lost week here or there. I'm glad to hear from him – now I just have to compose a letter that steps down from the über-formal tone I used without dropping straight to "Hi!" (his greeting).


(Oh, and requisite whining: Papers I have to write!):Collapse )


I may be completely alone in my hatred of writing assignments.

I'm good at them; I tend to get decent grades, anyway. I even like to write, in general. But I abhor writing assignments because, on the vast majority of possible topics, I have absolutely nothing to add to the discussion. I understand that no one is really looking for me to add something – most of the time, teachers just want a summary of research, or maybe just readings – but I feel that there's no point in me sitting down and writing unless I actually have something to say. And that is how I average 30 000+ words over the course of any given month – writing about topics I feel I can actually add something to. But BRECHT, for god's sake? What can I possibly say about Bertolt Brecht that hasn't been said a dozen times before? I'm not going to have some great and cosmic insight into his work’s inner soul. I'm just not. Especially not on the basis of an abridged version of one of his short stories.

So, yeah. Although it’s not due for a while, I think I'll mess around with the Qwghlm article first, because it's kinda fun and I get to poke at all of the foreign-exchange organizations' lofty goals. The person coordinating the project might shoot me down when I turn in the abstract, but, eh, that's the future.


Oh, and question: what does it mean when a credit reporting bureau just won't report on your credit history? I don't get it, and Google is being rather unhelpful, though I'm probably just asking the wrong question. But why would a company whose stated purpose is to report credit history (which I have) just refuse to cooperate?
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20 April 2007 @ 01:50 am
For what it's worth, I think the "Orange and Maroon Effect" idea is brilliant. I'll be somewhat hard-pressed to find actual clothing in those colors, but we'll see.

They're holding a memorial later today. There's a tower on campus; they'll be ringing the bells at eleven. I don't know how that's supposed to correspond with classes - one of mine starts at 10:55, but I'm guessing no one will object to people being late.

I understand completely about not wanting to wait until next year. I even understand that maybe even Monday was too long to wait to give people a public memorial. But the 20th is already...I hate to sound so callous, but, yeah. Oklahoma City. Littleton. So much remembered grief is already tied to this day that it seems almost more hurtful to pick it than to have chosen sometime later, but more innocuous.

But that's alright. That's something we can talk about later.

(In the meanwhile: happy birthday to me, and felinephoenix, and my grandma, and everyone else!)
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18 April 2007 @ 12:26 am
"'We always joked we were just waiting for him to do something, waiting to hear about something he did,' another classmate, Stephanie Derry, told The Associated Press." (NY Times)

Everything I would say about Virginia Tech has, in general, been said. But that...god, that's terrible. Not that she said it, because she's just being honest, but that it could be said. By the sounds of it, only the gunman himself knew if his timing was important, but that quotation just makes me shudder. It's not the only such statement in that article, either. Christ. We joke about such things to make ourselves feel better, but the jokes aren't supposed to come real.

Be brave?

Have been writing again. Results are interesting. Will post eventually.
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17 April 2007 @ 07:28 pm
Oh, man - I've been preparing financial aid stuff for the past hour. That said, while tedious, this process isn't nearly as daunting as I believed...but FAFSA, grr. Apparently something in my application made someone suspicious, and now the school needs a bazillion forms filled in, including a complete copy of my tax return. Good news is, though, my EFC is at zero. If nothing happens to change that, I will be a very happy person.

This is the first year I've filed taxes, though, so I'm really glad it's gone smoothly thus far and it's the school that wants to audit me, not the IRS - thank you, HR Block! I am utterly in love with their online filing system.

...Oh, and I didn't mention, but – the German presentation? They hated my part of it, as I rather expected. No one cared about any of what I did talk about (Diaspora! East v. West! Lingering censorship issues!), and everything I mentioned a nice little aside turned out to be someone's one true love in German music. Gah. Who knew so many prissy college kids would be so into German hip-hop? (And WHY was it so very bad of me to describe it as "angry"? It (frequently) IS, for the love of God. "Kill all the damned-fucked foreigners!" and associated lyrics are not the words of happy, well-balanced people I’m interested in supporting!)
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16 April 2007 @ 06:33 am
...even if it's just my particular brand of low-key decision-making.

End of May, I'm going to San Diego with my mother -- and the "with my mother" part is largely incidental, since she's got business-y plans for the entire week, which leaves me rubbing my hands gleefully. I'm currently Googling voraciously for ideas on where to go and what to see.

happy babblingCollapse )

But, anyway, I've never been anywhere near the west coast - you can't tell at all, can you? - so it'll be cool.

[1] Wikipedia says!

Short aside: Sie sagte, sie liebe ihn nicht mehr; er hat aber immer noch Hoffnung, egal was das heißt. (Aber hallo, Freundchen.)
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13 April 2007 @ 04:33 pm
Well, just shot off a resume (in PDF format, is that bad for some reason?) to a professor looking for a Carer of Mice. That's totally what the job description says, and though I had to laugh at myself while I was being all, "My l33t skillz do indeed qualify me to watch your mice! Plz write back!" it really pleases me that he wrote it up that way. And I would take care of his micies very well. So we'll see if anything comes of that. (It's the first official application I've put out since I started at Kinko's, so I'm feeling kind of sneaky about it.)

I've also changed my major. I was in genetics, but now it's "Wildlife Ecology (International Agriculture and Natural Resources)". I know, I know; the parentheses bother me, too. But the good outweighs them, because this might just mean I get to be happy.

in which I rant a bitCollapse )

So, to summarize, the new major makes today cool, even if nothing comes of the job thing. I do like the Undergrad Genetics Club – who wouldn't like people whose motto is, "Sex is Good"? – and will probably continue to go to the general meetings, but I'm glad to be out of it as a major.
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